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Cookies and scribbles

Like every year christmas startet early for me – I went to my parents, met with some old friends and we did our whole christmas-cooky-baking – 26 different types of cookies, for two big families and lot of friends – 4 to 5 people working for 4 days, from 9am till 23pm.

I made use of the spare time on the train by scribbling first sketches for page 13, which will be the last page of chapter one. I’m not certain up until now, how we should do the transition – I tried differnt ways but haven’d come up with a satisfying solution …

Sara and me will have to sit together to work this one out. I expect she will be happy to come over when she finds out that I have christmas-cookies.

Finally blogging

Besides our weekly page, we also managed to get a gallery and this blog online today. There are still somes bugs and details to handle. If you notice any problems, please contact us ( so we can see to it.


Up until now there are not much Artworks in the gallery. But I managed to take pictures of early scribbles and put them online for you to enjoy. I plan to get more of them in the gallery while the comic progresses, to give you somes ideas about things to come.

See the gallery here …


This blog will be mainly about Athena’s Downfall – the work on the comic, what we plan for the future story and – maybe someday – upcomic events. But as our lives do not entirely consist of work on the comic, you can also expect some everyday drama.