Summer Break

Dear readers and fans of Athena’s Downfall,

We are sorry to announce, that we have to take a break from our project. As Sara is busy getting rich and famous with her fashion while also having a regular job, Mona is going to be a mommy in a few days (Or more correct: a few days ago… Junior was in a hurry.). We tried to get ahead with our work to avoid this pause, but it didn’t work out as planned. But fear not: we have layed out the further story and also have a lot of ideas that we really want to show you as soon as possbile. But first of all we need to see how things work out. We hope to get to this point in a few weeks. We like to thank you for the support up until now. Please have some patience with us, we will get back to the project and to you our dear readers as soon as possible. As for now: thanks again for the last year with Athena’s Downfall and enjoy your summer!