1st Row Heroes Club

  • Mona

    ... does story, texts, designs, layouts, sketches, outlines, effects and communication.
    ... is a huge fan of fantasy, 70ies psychodelic-rock and metal and the "alien" movies.
    ... also likes taking long naps, writing fantasy-novels and cooking for friends.

  • Sara

    ... does story, texts, designs, coloring, shading, tech-stuff and communication.
    ... is a huge fan of scifi, fantasy, dragons and strange music.
    ... also likes reading the whole night, spoiling her cat and sewing impractical clothing.

  • Mona and Sara

    ... live and work in Dornbirn, Austria.
    ... studied together MediaDesign at Fachhochschule Vorarlberg (University of Applied Sciences).
    ... don't go out very often, but to dance at gothic-parties or to eat sushi.
    ... have normal jobs as well - so this is more kind of an advanced-hobby.

  • About this Comic
    We startet Athena's Downfall out of the urge "to do something" - we both like comics and webcomics and so it was quite obvious to do something like this.
    It begann with an idea from Mona and we developed story, backgrounds and charakters while we draw the first few pages. We wanted to go online soon, so that we won't loose our motivation. That's why there will be some changes "on the go".
    Athena's Downfall is a mixture from all the genres we like - Fantasy, SciFi, Steampunk, Horror - and so forth. We don't know what our brains will come up with the next time, we just go along and hope for the best.